Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Like My Beef Like I Like My...Wait, No I Don't

I like my beef medium rare in fact, and seeing as I don't cook ground woman patties at my barbeque's, I can't say as much for the opposite sex. Nevertheless, this weekend was filled with the delight of grilled beef that (mostly) everyone looks forward to on Memorial Day weekend. And while it also included many fancy cheeses, salsa, pasta salad, and several types of potato salad, I didn't get a chance to photograph/taste any of them. They will henceforth go unmentioned.

The burgers I made this weekend turned out pretty well (pun intended...nice!). I think what made them turn out so well (again!) was the added sausage that Pete and I bought at the amazing Italian deli down 7th Ave. There's not much of a recipe, so just enjoy the pictures.

Also, with considerably less success, I tried to make sweet potato fries. While they were still tasty, they lacked the crispiness that I had been hoping for. Some people still ate them.


Elijah said...

I didn't have any burgers, of course, but them fries was great.

Speaking of that day, tho, can we get a pesto pasta salad recipe from Peet already?

Jen said...

Eli remained a good vegetarian, while I was easily convinced, and they were delicious. I read a recipe today that drained the potatoes on paper towels before frying, that probably would have helped, but I never would have thought of it. More surface area would be my other guess. Anyhow, they were still good; I had more than my fair share.